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Venturing Camping

Venturing has access to the most exciting programs Camp Northern Star has to offer. Everything from ATV riding, to whitewater kayaking, to dogsledding, and jet skiing--just to name a few.  Camp Northern Star can be the staging area and outfitter for your next river canoe trip or your full service guide rock climbing at Taylor's Falls. It all starts here.

Many Point Scout Camp

Many Point is a top notch Scout camp in Northern Minnesota known for being mission driven, providing quality service, and innovation.

Scouts BSA Summer Camp Registration Pages

This page contains all of the links to make a new registration or access your current registration for Tomahawk and Many Point.

Tomahawk Scout Camp

Located in beautiful Western Wisconsin, Tomahawk is dedicated to quality service, innovation, and provides balanced program opportunities.


Weekend Camping

Come and enjoy our camps anytime of year.


National High Adventure

High Adventure is a next level adventure for Scouts that like to put their Scouting skills to the test by land, air, or lake.

Venturing Contacts